VVV Relentless Grey

$ 20.00

Premium cotton
Athletic fit
Graphics won't wash off nor fade. Tag less

Washing and care instructions:
We recommend washing the T's inside out in cold water but detergents function better at higher water temperatures. Keep in mind that hot water can cause shrinkage.
Use the permanent-press cycle for drying.
To avoid possible shrinkage: Lay flat to dry.
Use fabric softener to avoid wrinkles, and remove clothes as soon as the dryer shuts off.
To keep whites whiter, don't overload the washing machine. Put in only whites―no prints or pastels.
To maintain the life of the design, t-shirts should be ironed inside out on a low heat setting without the use of steam. This step also aids in refreshing the colors in the design.
Dry cleaning is not recommended.

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